From My Bookshelf: The 1619 Project & Born on the Water

We all leave complex legacies. And what legacy we leave is not always ours to choose but the future generation. And too often, legacies are chosen by those who have power. Over the long holiday weekend, I delved into The 1619 Project, created by Nikole Hannah-Jones and the New York Times Magazine team. Knowing thatContinue reading “From My Bookshelf: The 1619 Project & Born on the Water”

Literacies Circle: My Time With NCTE

Equity, justice, and anti-racist teaching was the theme of the 2021 National Council of Teachers of English annual convention this year. There was quite the lineup of speakers, from Michele Obama at the opening session to Amanda Gorman at the closing session, with Nikole Hannah-Jones, George Johnson, and Colson Whitehead in between. However, every teacher,Continue reading “Literacies Circle: My Time With NCTE”

From My Bookshelf: Too Many Books, Too Little Time

It seems that at this time of year, right between seasons, my books pile up too quickly. It’s not that I struggle to finish reading books. It’s that friends, family, and even convincing book reviews recommend books that sound interesting to me. My nephew is currently reading two books so I ordered copies to joinContinue reading “From My Bookshelf: Too Many Books, Too Little Time”

Literacies Circle: Forms of Journaling

Last week, I found myself overwhelmed by a pile of journals, notes, and calendars from my work prior to retirement, my current writing project, private practice, and my home. As I tackled the pile, I realized that I had different methods for keeping my notes, journal entries, calendars, and lists for different situations. I amContinue reading “Literacies Circle: Forms of Journaling”

From My Bookshelf: We Are What We Eat

We Are What We Eat (by Alice Waters)and Digital Minimalism (by Cal Newport) are two books uncannily similar in their messages. We are what we eat in terms of food…and we are what we consume on social media. Both books seemed to feed off on each other as I read them, a chapter or twoContinue reading “From My Bookshelf: We Are What We Eat”