From My Bookshelf: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man (by Emmanuel Acho).

Stepping out of our comfort zones is healthy. When we do, we expand our intellect, worldviews, and empathy to the wider world around our families and communities. Written in the style of pulling up a chair in a warm kitchen, this book is not at all defensive or offensive. It explains in a friendly conversational manner the historical and cultural context of why it is not okay to use the N-word; What does “reverse racism” really mean; How “color blindness” actually perpetuates racism; How White privilege is not just among the wealthy; And how to be an ally without being a savior.

Reading this book will just as well expand concepts of literacies in that one can approach other books, media, and social networks with multiple lens other than ones’ own. 

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