For Parents:

What is Your Story?

Does your child seem to have difficulty reading and writing?

Was your child diagnosed as having dyslexia?

Are you at a loss as to how to help?

Services in Restorative Literacies are to provide confidential short-term coaching, consults, and support to parents, caregivers, mentors, educators, or any member of our children’s village. While Restorative Literacies is not a direct tutoring service, it can provide coaching on interpreting assessment reports completed by schools and/or outside agencies and the process of choosing a prescriptive reading program or tutoring services. The following menu of coaching services in restorative literacies are guidelines for our conversation about healthy development in literacies. Coaching services can be adapted or customized as needed.

Let’s explore together.

Safe Spaces for Literacies: Many children need a high sense of emotional safety when learning a cognitively demanding and complex process such as reading and writing…(Read More)
Complexity of Reading: For most seasoned and fluent readers, reading seems automatic, especially if they learned to read at a young age without much difficulty. (Read More)
Dyslexia: Some children are tested and labeled as having a reading disorder, learning disability, or dyslexia. (Read More)
Writing Process: Young children start out loving to scribble and write. (Read More)
Metacognitive/Metalinguistic Awareness: Reading and writing is not simply about learning and applying phonics skills. (Read More)
Emergent Literacy: Emergent literacy is the prerequisite knowledge that occur prior to actual reading and writing. (Read More)
Reader’s Identity: A child who has a strong reader’s identity is able to identify as a reader. (Read More)
Courageous Conversations: Our nation is currently in a climate of difficult discussions about injustice, educational and economic inequities…(Read More)
Everyone is a Researcher: Without realizing it, we are all researchers. (Read More)
Cyber Literacies: Children need to develop agency in an overwhelming information and social media age… (Read More)
The Rabbit Hole: Parents or caregivers may find their child’s assessment scores from schools and/or private agencies to be all over the map. (Read More)
Impact of Disabilities: Children with disabilities can and do learn to read and write, with or without accommodations. (Read More)
Micro-schools or Pods: Many families are organizing micro-schools or pods as a collaborative solution toward a work-school-home balance in response to school closures as a result of COVID-19. (Read More)