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Summer Update: Now available for face-to-face outdoor sessions if fully vaccinated.

Structure and Session Fees

Services in Restorative Literacies are to provide confidential short-term coaching, consults, and support to parents, caregivers, mentors, educators, or any member of our children’s village. The menus of coaching services in Restorative Literacies are guidelines for conversations about healthy development in literacies. Coaching services can be adapted or customized as needed.

Session Fees

What is Your Story? ($50) A required 45-minute discovery session for first time clients to explore goals in a Restorative Literacies coaching partnership. Session fee ($50) can be applied to any standard individual program when a commitment and completed survey is made within 10 days of the discovery session.

Pre-Meeting Survey for Parents

Pre-Meeting Survey for Organizations

Pre-Meeting Survey for Bigger Humans

Turn the Page ($100) Review of survey and goals via email, 1-hour session, and three follow-up emails. 

Rewrite the Narrative ($350) Review of survey and goals via email, 1-month Restorative Literacies partnership to include four 1-hour sessions and unlimited emails during the month.

Book Review ($200) Review of survey and goals via email, review of multidisciplinary team and/or outside agency assessment scores and reports, 1-hour session to sort out what is important to move forward, three follow up emails. 

Unfolding Stories Additional follow-up emails ($20)/Additional sessions ($50)

Literacies in Organizations ($TBA) For centers, organizations, and programs. Review of current literacies curriculum or literacies within the program, checklist for improvement, and/or virtual support for staff. On-site visits must be after hours (no children present) with personal distancing safeguards. 

Invoices for Restorative Literacies services will be sent via PayPal (accepts all major credit/debit cards) and due upon receipt, or payments can be made via this link: paypal.me/RestorativeLit

A gentle reminder: While Restorative Literacies is not a direct tutoring service, it can provide coaching on interpreting assessment reports completed by schools and/or outside agencies and the process of choosing a prescriptive reading program or tutoring services.