Pre-Meeting Survey for Bigger Humans

The comprehensive survey ensures a thoughtful, productive, and efficient initial meeting. You may email your answers and thoughts to these questions to restorativeliteracies / @ /

Please be sure to include your name, email address, a text number, and city/state.

How did you hear about Restorative Literacies?

What is your story? (who lives with you, your cultures, languages, education, livelihood, or anything else you want to share)

What are your literacies? (your values for reading and writing in education, work, church, civic, for pleasure and/or knowledge)

How do you practice literacies at home, in school, and in the community?

What are your perceived strengths and weaknesses of your reading and writing skills? (listening, speaking, decoding, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, handwriting, and word processing)

Share your thoughts about your motivation, engagement, and identity as a reader and/or writer.

Do you have a health issue or disability? Did you or your family recently experienced trauma?

Do you have a specific goal in mind? (If not, we’ll pinpoint a goal together.)

Which of the following features would you like to be a part of your restorative literacies plan?

Building Stamina

Doom Scrolling

Expanding Your Canon

Intergenerational Conversations

What is the best time and day to schedule a meeting with you? Do you have a time during week day business hours?