For Bigger Humans:

What is Your Story?

Services in Restorative Literacies are to provide confidential short-term coaching, consults, and support to parents, caregivers, mentors, educators, or any member of our children’s village. However, our bigger humans, those who are already reading proficiently and fluently, are excellent models for sharing the pleasures of reading and writing, fostering criticality, and broadening our world views. The following menu of coaching services in restorative literacies are guidelines for our conversation about healthy development in literacies. Coaching services can be adapted or customized as needed.

Let’s explore together.

Building Stamina Our bigger humans are compressed for time, especially parents who are working and raising children at home. And it seems that attention spans for reading and writing has waned over the years with increased use of technology, media, and social networks. Restorative literacies can help rebuild stamina for reading and writing, whether for pleasure or for work. But most importantly, adults who are engrossed in literacies are models for children.

Doom Scrolling While 2020 brought a year of isolation and worries, there were opportunities for reflection and restoration. Unfortunately, doom scrolling or web surfing has brought on additional anxiety. Restorative literacies can support bringing back a sense of competence and calm even when attempting to be well informed on the state of politics, public health, racism, and other difficult issues.

Expanding Your Canon Algorithms on media and social networks have placed people into echo chambers, furthered the processes of narrowing viewpoints, and created deep political and cultural polarization. Stepping out of comfort zones and expanding one’s canon takes conscious effort. Restorative literacies can support ways to broaden worldviews without entirely rejecting one’s own culture, values, and opinions. 

Intergenerational Conversations Young children are sometimes seen as rebellious and older adults seen as set in their ways. Yet, we can see that children have a humane and innate sense of justice and can show us where to go with conversations about important issues. After all, children of all ages are not immune from society’s hard conversations, overhearing opinions of adults, being bombarded from media blasting from every corner of their daily environment, and partaking online social networks. And children regularly make frank commentaries that can awe their adult listeners, causing their adult listeners to stop and remark to themselves or to others around them, “out of the mouths of babes.” Restorative literacies can build relationships between the young and young at heart through multiple forms of literacies.