From My Bookshelf: The Lost and Found Bookshop

Once in a while, I’ll find myself reading a book that I’d consider a beach read—books that seem to have a mass appeal and not all that intellectually stimulating. The Lost and Found Bookshop by Susan Wiggs was on a shelf outside our local bookstore. On sale. I was in a hurry to pick upContinue reading “From My Bookshelf: The Lost and Found Bookshop”

Literacies Circle: Vibrant, Joyful, Affirming

With critical theory continuing to be embroiled in controversy, there has been an uptick in banning, challenging, or judging children’s books in our schools and libraries. After years of teaching and learning with educators in Pre-K through 12, I have yet to meet a teacher who deliberately try to make children uncomfortable about the identitiesContinue reading “Literacies Circle: Vibrant, Joyful, Affirming”

From My Bookshelf: Damnation Spring

Ash Davidson, in her first novel, Damnation Spring, wove a tapestry between old growth redwood trees and the small logging community among them in the late 1970s. Herbicides had been sprayed for decades. The environmental and human degradation were evident all along, especially in the form of mudslides, vanished salmon, and a significant cluster ofContinue reading “From My Bookshelf: Damnation Spring”

Literacies Circle: Refusing

We are all familiar with kids who sit, crossed legged, arms folded, with a pout, refusing to do what we ask of them. They refuse to put on their pajamas at bedtime, eat their peas at dinner, or write a paragraph at school. Of course, refusing is a form of power. Nikole Hannah-Jones visited AnnContinue reading “Literacies Circle: Refusing”

From My Bookshelf: The Lost Pianos of Siberia

In The Lost Pianos of Siberia, a combination adventure travel-journalism book, author Sophy Roberts went on a search for surviving 19th century pianos in the remote areas of Siberia. Pianos that survived harsh weather conditions, political and cultural shifts, and brutal labor camps. Are there still pianos? Do they still sound rich? While the loveContinue reading “From My Bookshelf: The Lost Pianos of Siberia”