While many children learn to read and write easily, breeze through school, and head off to colleges or careers, seemly resilient to their challenges along the way, a significant number are struggling to read and write in a proficient, fluent, engaging—and authentic—manner.

Restorative literacies are about building and strengthening positive relationships between

…the backgrounds and perspectives, as well as the variable skills, proficiencies, and fluencies, of readers,

…the multiple texts readers encounter,

…and the authors of such texts

through an intentional system of response, repair, and restoration.

Restorative literacies merge cultural, linguistic, economic, racial, political, and dis/ableist views of literacies with cognitive and metacognitive processes of reading proficiency, fluency, and comprehension and writing effectiveness.

Services in Restorative Literacies are to provide confidential short-term coaching, consults, and support to parents, caregivers, mentors, educators, or any member of our children’s village. The menus of coaching services in Restorative Literacies are guidelines for conversations about healthy development in literacies. Coaching services can be adapted or customized as needed.

A gentle reminder: While Restorative Literacies is not a direct tutoring service, it can provide coaching on interpreting assessment reports completed by schools and/or outside agencies and the process of choosing a prescriptive reading program or tutoring services.

Let’s explore together.