Literacies Circle: Freedom

What do we need to thrive as readers and writers? The kind of reading that catch kiddos reading under their covers by flashlight long after their bedtimes? The kind of reading that make people miss their subway stops? The kind of reading that satisfy curiosity? Or the kind of reading that wants to make people share, even shout, you gotta read this!? The kind of writing that persuades or to deepen understanding? The kind of writing that makes lists, fill out applications, apply for colleges, or get grants? Or the kind of writing that transcends humanity and love?

A mixed-ability or intergenerational restorative literacies circle can reveal what readers and writers of all ages need in order to deepen relationships with each other, texts, and authors.

Older White boy reading to younger White boy on a brown couch, both are barefoot. Book title is difficult to recognize but is a paperback, “easy-reader,” perhaps on action figures or Matchbox cars.

How do we remove a sense of control (such as rethinking reading logs), compliance (rethinking pizza coupons), and shame (rethinking book levels and low reading groups)?

How do we make connections instead of corrections (such as rethinking round-robin reading or assessing accuracy rates)?

How do we be mindful of phonics versus linguistics?

Who are the scientists versus who are the subjects when reviewing or administering assessments, reading instruction programs, or methods?

How do we recognize the complexity of literacies rather than the simplicity of reading and writing skills?

Where are spaces and what times do we allow our humans, young and old alike, to experiment with various writing styles and genre? To choose what to read? To share how they tackle words, phrases, and pages? To not finish books?

What does freedom to read or freedom to write look like?

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