From My Bookshelf: Too Many Books, Too Little Time

It seems that at this time of year, right between seasons, my books pile up too quickly. It’s not that I struggle to finish reading books. It’s that friends, family, and even convincing book reviews recommend books that sound interesting to me. My nephew is currently reading two books so I ordered copies to join him in reading along. A friend, after a supper of chili and cornbread, handed me a copy of a book and said that I’d really enjoy it. A local bookstore hosted a series of online interviews with authors. The tickets for the interviews came with books shipped to my home. And once a month, I join a book beat group to hear about interesting titles so I check them out from the library or purchase from our local bookstores. I start reading one book, but by the next evening, a new book has arrived and I want to see what it is about. It’s not long before I’m reading only first chapters of each book.

And here they are, piling up.

Our family is about to settle into a winter of isolation and hibernation for our fourth Covid surge. There will be cherished time.

Pile of books and newspapers on wood floor by dark green recliner with an overhanging sage green blanket.

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