Literacies Circle: Rock Poetry

Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Yet, people are leaving messages too. My mom, strolling along a great lake beach, delightfully discovered poetry in the form of chalk and rocks.

“Soak your life in wildflowers and rivers.”

Like opening up a fortune cookie, reading just a few words, and deciding how the phrase defines, or will define, your life. And in this particular find on an isolated stamp sand beach, perhaps that the individual words were first written on rocks and rearranged to make a phrase, like the tiny magnetic words we find on some of our refrigerators or finding poetry in the pages of a newspaper.

Being careful to use only natural material, such as rocks and chalk but also twigs and sand, so as not to harm our habitat, environment, and animals, what forms of literacies can we leave behind for other people to spot and relish in?

(As an aside, keep in mind that many national and state parks are not allowing painted rocks, fairy doors and trinkets, and rock cairns.)

Short poetry?

A simple greeting?

Words of kindness?

Words of encouragement?

Fun graffiti?


Six-Word Memoirs?

Clues to more clues?

Fairy messages?

Extraterrestrial messages?

Stories do not always need to be found in a whole book, but in just a few words that can lead to wonderment about a story or two. 

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