Literacies Circle: Shelves, Bins, Floors, and Totes

With vaccines and our communities slowly opening up, we are again inviting trusted friends and family into our homes. After a year of being away, our eyes are sharpening to the details that we may have not really noticed or remembered before. Recently, two people who came to our home remarked along the lines of how I forgot how much you read! and let me see if I want to borrow a book or two again!

Many of us are planning a summer of recovery, self-care, and reading for pleasure. At home, on the backyard hammock, in the screened porch, by the poolside, or at the beach or a campground. Of course, how books are kept organized or scattered about can be a topic of a literacies circle. Even young children can chat about their book bins from school or the pile of library books in the foyer. We can chat about how we store PDF files online or organize our e-books in our tablets or desktops. And what about the pile of newspapers and magazines? And how to keep books and tablets safe from sand or getting wet in a bag full of lake-soaked towels. What do we use for bookmarks? Notetaking?

How do we store and transport all things literacies in ways that we fully delight in them?

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