Literacies Circle: Where Do We Go From Here?

“X-rays and scans only take pictures,” is what our oncologist reminded us. She continued, “If you go looking for something, you will find something. And it might not always mean something that is dangerous.” Since our lungs are already filled with benign quirks and spots, changes (such as cancerous growth) over time are what leads to biopsies and confirmation of only that one spot.

Learning loss and even speech and language development delays due to virtual schooling and people wearing masks while face-to-face has become a focus in education policy as we return to face-to-face schooling or hybrid learning.

But no one stops learning once they step outside of academia, right?

What are we looking for?

Are we talking about standards and testing? And the concepts that the students should have learned in each grade? Do we move everyone one year back and start over? Or do we start where we are?

Many people want to go back to “normal,” but some don’t. “Normal” wasn’t working for them in the first place. What is “normal?” Are we measuring what was “normal” and then considering those who are not “normal” as having a learning loss or delay? And then do we put together programs just for “catching up?”

On the other hand, what is “normal” now?

What about the plasticity of our brains?

What about resiliency?

Isn’t adaption a positive thing?

What about acknowledging personal loss and trauma? And making strides toward healing and joy?

All of these are questions adults and students alike can share in a restorative circle and a community of care as we welcome our students back to school.

Where do we go from here?

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